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Tuberose Absolute

We are offering our clients exquisite range of Tuberose Absolute, which is used as a middle note in perfumery and is tested on ISI parameters. This oil is extracted from the aromatic flowers of Tuberose and is developed completely in adherence with customers’ orders and dynamically changing market demands. They are properly stored and packaged to satisfy customers’ and are available at customer friendly prices.

Description & History:

Tuberose is a tall, narrow perennial herb with thin leaves and a tuberous root. Its aromatic flowers are large and white. For centuries, these aromatic flowers have been used by Indians. The Hindi name for these flowers is "Rajnigandha" and they are still used in wedding ceremonies, garlands, decoration and various traditional rituals.

Common Uses

Tuberose Absolute is used in the perfume and aromatic industries.


Botanical Name: Polianthes tuberose
Plant Part: Flower
Extraction Method: Solvent Extraction
Color: Dark yellow viscous liquid
Note: Base
Strength of Aroma: Medium
Blends well with: Tuberose Absolute can be easily blended for aromatic purposes. The combinations are endless and very dependent upon individual tastes
Aromatic Scent: Tuberose Absolute has a fresh earthy aroma with floral, spice - like notes
Consistency: Viscous, solid at room temperature. Bottle should be placed in a hot water bath in order for absolute to liquefy


We want to point out that all absolutes are concentrated by nature.These oils must not be evaluated in their natural state as they dilute the fragrance. For users and formulators who are trying our absolutes for the first time, we strongly recommend that they should be evaluated in dilution state otherwise the complexity of the fragrance would be lost.

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