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Davana Oil

We have gained enough footholds in the market and are offering high quality Davana Essential Oil. Our products are highly renowned and are famous for their quality and effectiveness. Davana is actually a very small plant and the oil is extracted from the leaves and stems. In India, the Davana is faithfully offered to Shiva by his devotees. The flowers remain on the altar of Lord Shiva throughout the day and are only removed in the evening time. Our products are delivered within scheduled time limits and are properly tested on ISI parameters. We also use proper technology to develop these products and following international standard norms remains our hallmark till date..

Common Uses

• Davana essential Oil is highly famous in the perfumery industry, where it is used for making scent
• It also has a history in aromatherapy and has been always considered a fantastic aphrodisiac and also as a high profile agent to combat anxiety
• It is also considered anti-infectious
• It can be very soothing to dry rough skin and can also be useful for stimulating the endocrine system

Other Details

Botanical Name: Artemisia pallens
Plant Part: Stems and Leaves
Extraction Method : Steam Distilled
Origin: India
Color: Dark green to reddish-brownish green viscous liquid.
Consistency: Viscous
Note: Middle
Strength of Aroma: Medium
Blends Well With: Davana Essential Oil can be easily blended, but the end result may be different on different users. Davana should be blended to suit individuals
Aromatic Scent: Davana Essential Oil is a difficult oil to describe because it smells different to different individuals. The feedback tends to alternate between masculine floral scents through to a woodsy, balsamic odo


This oil is completely non-toxic and non-irritating. It should not be used on broken skin and the consumers should also pursue extra information before purchasing it.

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